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Effortless Installation
Secure On-The-go with Ease
Effortlessly secure or unlock your watch with the keyring tool
Precision Secured
The Orkos WatchLock® - A Seal of Safety
Ultimate Precision & Security

Secure your luxury watch with the Orkos WatchLock® Clasp and enjoy instant style and fit adjustments with Steel Reef's 'On-the-Fly' Extension Link.

This innovative clasp locks in elegance and ensures your timepiece is safeguarded against unintended openings, providing a seamless blend of security and on-the-fly adjustment. Perfect for the discerning watch enthusiast who values both safety and aesthetics

Elevate with Orkos

Designed for seamless integration with Oyster Rolex® bracelets, it enhances the watch's elegance while ensuring a perfect fit.

The clasp comes with a complete installation kit, ensuring easy setup, and is backed by an international warranty, redefining confidence and style in watch wear.

Seamless Adjustment:

Every Orkos Clasp Includes Our 'On-the-Fly' Extension
Why Steel Reef x Orkos?

Steel Reef's partnership with Orkos is fueled by our mutual passion for innovation, functional enhancement, and precision engineering. This collaboration celebrates our shared commitment to advancing the luxury watch experience.

Each Orkos clasp sold will include a Steel Reef Rolex On-the-Fly Extension Link, merging security with seamless style and adjustability. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in watch accessory design.