Using Your WatchLock® Clasp in Standard Mode

For standard use when the WatchLock® clasp isn't locked, the process involves using the key as a push button.

  • Simply insert the key, press it firmly between your thumb and index finger, and pull to open or close the clasp.
  • A firm press and maintaining pressure while opening or closing ensures smooth operation.
  • Upon releasing the pressure when closing, a click confirms the clasp is securely fastened.

This method provides a straightforward and secure way to operate your watch without fully engaging the lock mechanism.

Using Your WatchLock® Clasp in Secure Mode

Locking your clasp: Close the buckle and detach the key using the provided key ring. Secure the key safely; your clasp is now locked.

Unlocking your clasp: Reinsert the key into the clasp, fully pushing it in. For enhanced ease, use the key holder. Your clasp is now unlocked and ready for use.