Sign Up to Experience Grand Seiko Like Never Before: Unveiling The Steel Reef Swift Link

As May unfolds, we are exploring the possibility of launching a crowdfunding campaign in Summer 2024 for our groundbreaking innovation, the Swift Link. Developed by Steel Reef's Design House, this patented technology is an extraordinarily ambitious project in luxury watch accessories.

Join the Evolution

Register your interest and support for Swift Link. This innovative bracelet adjustment technology promises to revolutionize your watch-wearing experience with its precision and elegance. By registering, you’ll be at the forefront of this pioneering project.

Advanced Adjustment Features

Swift Link offers unparalleled control over your watch's fit and balance. Each link includes three micro-adjustment positions, spaced approximately 2mm apart, allowing for precise sizing. Furthermore, multiple Swift Links can be added in series and on both sides of the clasp, providing ultimate control over the sizing and balance of the watch on your wrist.

Model Compatibility

Our initial launch of Swift Link is focused on those Grand Seiko models that have 18mm wide removable links, which includes many of the most popular models. To ensure compatibility with your watch, please measure the width of the removable links, specifically those with screws near the clasp.

We're planning to launch in three finishes for seamless integration:

  • The 5-bead style with two mirror-polished accents,
  • The 5-bead all-brushed version,
  • The 3-bead all-brushed version.

Future Compatibility Plans for Swift Link

Looking ahead, we aim to expand our range to include Grand Seiko titanium models. Our roadmap for Swift Link also includes expanding its revolutionary adjustment technology to encompass Omega Speedmaster and Aqua Terra models, along with all Rolex and Tudor models by the end of 2025, broadening the scope of customization for watch enthusiasts worldwide. Signing up lets you contribute to the evolution of Swift Link and engage with a community dedicated to luxury watch innovation.

Support & Anticipation

Your support is crucial as we consider a crowdfunding campaign to bring Swift Link to fruition. Joining our campaign means being part of a community dedicated to advancing the luxury watch experience.

We also encourage potential investors interested in this pioneering endeavor to get in touch. Your participation could significantly transform this vision into reality.

Prepare to be part of something groundbreaking. Your engagement and support could help launch a revolutionary accessory in the world of luxury watches. Join us in shaping the future with Swift Link, where innovation meets elegance and precision.