'On-The-Fly' Link
Behind the Design:

Adjustable, Precision Craftsmanship: Combines a +/- 5mm adjustable fit with premium stainless steel, tailored to luxury watches.

Durable and Versatile: Features a sturdy snap-shut mechanism for ease of use, designed to complement and enhance various luxury watch brands.

Seamless Integration: Not just accessories, these custom-crafted links blend effortlessly with your watch, maintaining its elegance and iconic style.



Begin by carefully removing the bracelet from the clasp. This can be done by gently releasing the spring bar located within the clasp. Use a spring bar tool or a small, pointed tool to ease the process.


Next, focus on the last link of the bracelet that was connected to the clasp. Use a screwdriver of the appropriate size to carefully remove this link.


Align the new extension link with the bracelet's end where the last link was removed, ensuring it matches the direction of the bracelet's links. Attach it securely to the bracelet using the supplied screw.


Finally, reattach the bracelet, now with the new extension link, back to the clasp. Use the supplied spring bar to secure the connection.