Unlock the Potential of Your Explorer 124270: Half Link Registration Now Open

Unlock the Potential of Your Explorer 124270: Half Link Registration Now Open

As passionate watch enthusiasts, we understand the value of precision, compatibility, and the unique charm that each piece adds to your timepiece. That's why we're excited to bring you the opportunity to be part of a special project: the creation of a half link specifically designed for the 124270 model.

What is the 124270 Half Link?

The 124270 half link is a custom-designed, perfectly fitting link that enhances the comfort and fit of your 124270 timepiece. Born from the feedback and requests of watch aficionados like you, this half link is an epitome of precision engineering and design.

How Does the Pre-Registration Work?

  1. Express Your Interest: Fill in your details on this page to indicate your interest in the half link.
  2. Crowdfunding Approach: We are adopting an in-house crowdfunding model to ensure that this very specific and model-compatible product can be brought to life. Your support is crucial.
  3. Payment and MOQ: Once we have enough interested parties, we will request payments to reserve your half link. Production will commence upon reaching the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). If the MOQ is not met, rest assured, all orders will be fully refunded.
  4. Spread the Word: Help us reach our goal faster by sharing this page on forums, social media, and with fellow 124270 owners.

Why Crowdfunding?

The 124270 half link is a highly specific accessory compatible exclusively with the 124270 model. To justify its production, we need to ensure there's enough demand. This approach has been successful in our previous projects, and we are confident it will be the same for the half link.


We are targeting availability by January, with early February being the latest. The sooner we meet our MOQ, the faster we can bring this exciting product to your wrists.

The link will retail around 70 USD, in line with our other Half Links.

Ready to Join Us?

Register Now for the 124270 Half Link

Your journey to a more precise and comfortable fit begins here. Complete the form below to register your interest in the 124270 Half Link. A simple step to enhance your Explorer with unmatched precision