The Precision GMT Bezel Collection

Welcome to the public release of our Precision GMT Bezel Collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, these bezels are designed to elevate your watch's aesthetics and functionality.

Coming soon

Get Ready for Our Next Big Reveal! This is just the back of our upcoming bezel, but it's a vibrant hint of the bold style and innovation that's on its way. Stay tuned

While home installation is possible following our detailed instructions, we strongly recommend entrusting this task to a professional watch jeweler to ensure precision and care. Please note that authorized retailers of any specific brand watch you may want to fit this bezel to will not undertake the installation. Instead, seek an independent jeweler/watchmaker for the task.

Installation Process:

  1. Remove the bezel ring using a desktop bezel remover tool to ensure even removal from all angles.
  2. With the bezel supported from the underside to prevent bending, apply gentle and even pressure to remove the current bezel insert.
  3. Simply push and click to fit the Precision GMT insert into the outer steel ring.
  4. Ensure the bezel gasket (which might have been in the groove of the bezel or attached to the watch case) is securely placed inside the bezel ring and is sitting flush. We recommend applying watch silicone lubrication for optimal performance.
  5. Reinstall the bezel ring onto the watch using a bezel press tool, applying even pressure all around to ensure a secure and even fit.

Please note: While our products are designed for user-friendly installation and Steel Reef is not liable for any potential mishaps during the process, we always recommend seeking expert assistance for the best results. Additionally, be aware that installing our products may void any active warranties or guarantees on your watch.

This range of Precision GMT Bezels measures 39.7MM x 32.7MM. Please verify compatibility with your specific model before purchase.

Compatibility confirmed with the Tudor Black Bay GMT.

Steel Reef is an independent entity and is not affiliated with any watch brands.