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Precision GMT Bezel Collection

Exclusive Information for Select Customers

We respectfully request that this page not be shared publicly. To ensure we can provide the highest level of service and maintain the exclusivity of this limited first run, we ask that you keep all information, links, and images confidential.

These bezels are part of an exclusive, limited first run. We are grateful for your excitement and support. All orders for these bezels will commence shipping on the 1st of December.

  1. Remove the bezel ring using a standard bezel remover tool.
  2. With the bezel supported from the underside to prevent bending, apply gentle and even pressure to remove the current bezel insert.
  3. Simply push and click to fit the Precision GMT insert into the outer steel ring.
  4. Ensure the bezel gasket (which might have been in the groove of the bezel or attached to the watch case) is securely placed inside the bezel ring and is sitting flush. We recommend applying watch silicone lubrication for optimal performance.
  5. Reinstall the bezel ring back onto the watch, ensuring to push evenly downwards on all sides simultaneously for a secure fit.

While home installation is possible following our detailed instructions, we strongly recommend entrusting this task to a professional watch jeweler to ensure precision and care. Please note that authorized retailers of any specific brand watch you may want to fit this bezel to will not undertake the installation. Instead, seek an independent jeweler/watchmaker for the task.

Precision GMT Bezel Collection

  • Nightfall (All-Black)
  • Inferno (Black & Red)
  • Fernshade (Black & Green)

Each bezel is offered at an exclusive price of $249.99 USD.

This price reflects the meticulous attention to detail in the craftsmanship, the high-quality materials used, and the exclusivity of the limited first run. We've set the price point to ensure that these unique bezels remain accessible to our valued customers without compromising on the quality and exclusivity that Steel Reef is known for.

To proceed with the purchase of your selected Precision GMT Bezel:

  • Fill in the contact form below with your details and preferred bezel colorway.
  • After verifying your details, we will guide you to a password-protected page to complete your secure transaction.