The Ultimate Compatibility Guide for Rolex Compatible Oyster Bracelet Accessories

Welcome to our comprehensive guide designed to help you find the perfect match for your Rolex Oyster bracelet with our On-the-Fly Extension Links, Half-Size Links, and Full-Size Links. This guide focuses on ensuring that you can seamlessly enhance or repair your Rolex Oyster models. For those with Jubilee bracelet models, stay tuned, as compatibility details are forthcoming.

A Vision for the Future

By the summer of 2024, we aim to cater to every Rolex Oyster bracelet model available. Due to the vast array of Rolex references, confirming compatibility for each one is a challenging task. However, we're dedicated to simplifying this process for you. Although our in-house compatibility checker tool is still under development, this document will serve as a reliable interim solution.

General Compatibility Guidance

For Large and Midsize Models (36mm and Up)

The bulk of large and midsize Rolex models, including those with 4, 5, or 6-digit references, are compatible with our 15.5mm wide link. This encompasses a wide range of models such as Submariners, GMT-Masters, Daytonas, Sea-Dwellers, most Explorer I and II, Air-Kings, Yachtmasters, Datejusts, Milguass and Oyster Perpetuals. However, it's important to note some exceptions, especially with the newest Explorer I/II and Submariner models.

For 34mm Watches

Most 34mm watches, including Air-Kings, Oyster Perpetuals, and 34mm Datejusts, will require the 14mm wide links. Typically, older models use the 14mm x 7.5mm size, while the newer models (from the last few years) utilize the 14mm x 7.8mm size.

Understanding the Exceptions

For the latest Rolex models (2023 onwards), the correct bracelet link dimensions can often be determined by the lug width:

  • 19mm lug width = 14mm x 7.8mm link dimensions
  • 20mm lug width = 15.5mm x 8.7mm link dimensions
  • 21mm lug width = 16.5mm x 9mm link dimensions

Examples of Compatibility

  • New Submariner 126610: 21mm lug width, compatible with our 16.5mm x 9mm links.
  • New 42mm Explorer II 226570: 21mm lug width, compatible with our 16.5mm x 9mm links.
  • New 40mm Explorer I 224270: 21mm lug width, compatible with our 16.5mm x 9mm links.
  • New 36mm Explorer I 124270: 19mm lug width, compatible with our 14mm x 7.8mm links.
  • Deepsea Sea Dweller: 21mm lug width, compatible with our 16.5mm x 9mm links.
  • Sky-Dweller: 21mm lug width, compatible with our 16.5mm x 9mm links.

Precise Measurement for Assurance

We offer four sizes of bracelet links, and the only surefire method to determine the correct size is by taking two measurements of any removable link in your bracelet: the full width of the link and the width of the center unit. A diagram below illustrates these measurement points. For precise checks, we recommend using calipers, but a ruler can also suffice if used carefully.

  • 15.5mm x 8.7mm
  • 14mm x 7.5mm
  • 14mm x 7.8mm
  • 16.5mm x 9mm

As we continue to expand our offerings and work on innovative solutions like our compatibility checker tool, we are dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect link for your Rolex Oyster model. Keep an eye on our progress, and by next summer, you'll enjoy unparalleled support for enhancing your timepiece.